Latino Center for Community Engagement

COPAL is excited to announce the development of a transformative community space

The Latino Center for Community Engagement (LCCE)

Envisioning a
Brighter Future

COPAL is excited to announce the development of a transformative community space — the Latino Center for Community Engagement (LCCE). This 24,000-square-foot space at 2905 E Lake Street, a building damaged during the 2020 summer protests in Minneapolis, signifies more than just physical reconstruction.

This project represents a pivotal step in empowering our community. It symbolizes the return of land ownership to local residents and reinforces Latines’ historical presence along Lake Street. Unlike the former out-of-state investment owners, this initiative represents a true commitment to our community’s social and cultural vitality, enhancing a sense of belonging and pride in Minnesota.

Latino Center for Community Engagement

The LCCE is more than just a building

It will serve to build power with and fulfill the ambitions of our young and diverse community. This center will be a vibrant hub of unity, celebration, and cultural exchange, embodying the transnational spirit of our communities. It’s where dreams will grow and where COPAL’s innovative programs will bring our Minnesota Latine community’s aspirations to life.

The Latino Center for Community Engagement

will provide

Together, we can build a community center that embodies our values, celebrates our heritage, and paves the way for a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.

A community space for events and meetings, art gallery, resource center, cafe, and greenhouse.

The Center will include spaces for civic leadership, health, economic development, environmental justice, a cultural exchange program, and media stations, along with COPAL’s administrative offices.

For partner organizations. Preference will be given to organizations doing work to support Latine communities.



Your generous donations play a pivotal role in bringing the Latino Center for Community Engagement to life.

Thank you for joining us in this dream. Together, we are forging a vibrant future for the Latine community.

Everyone who donates over $100 will have their name featured on the walls of the LCCE.

Donations can be made in cash! Stop by COPAL’s office at 3702 E Lake St. to make your contribution.

Donations made to the Latino Center for Community Engagement are tax-deductible. This project is part of the COPAL Education Fund, an officially recognized 501(c)(3) organization, which allows for tax-deductible contributions.


Thank You to Our Donors

Any donation, big or small, gets us one step closer to our goal of creating a vibrant and uplifting space for our community. Your support can help every Latine in Minnesota reach their full potential.

Goal: $250,000

Progress so far: $10,500

Goal: $12 Million

Progress so far: $2.4 Million

  • Liz Aram
  • Jeremiah John Brown
  • Alexander Browne
  • Rachel K Clement
  • Mayela De La Rose
  • Daniel Ehrlich
  • El Guanaco
  • Keith Ellison
  • Eunice Enriquez
  • Braynell Estrada Britton
  • Kevyn Fernandez De La Rosa
  • Ana Daniela Garcia Castaneda
  • Michelle Jenneman Garvey
  • Scott Alan Ickes
  • Gerald William Klebusch
  • Las Cuatro Milpas
  • Phillip Mark Lickteig
  • Sara Irazoqui Maldonado
  • Christopher Melby
  • Matthew Meshulam
  • Korla Molitor
  • Jamin O’Malley
  • Riahl Moline O’Malley
  • Columba Reyes
  • Isabella Rojas
  • Mónica Romero
  • Ethan Jacob Sands Neal
  • Nonoko Sato
  • Kathleen Sieger
  • Nick Sieger
  • Laura Smith
  • Jenny Starr
  • Matthew Stennes
  • Stephanie Tice
  • Marc Valencia
  • Kenneth Valencia-aguayo
  • Martin Wera

August 2023

COPAL receives ownership of the site for the LCCE

August 2023

December 2023

First phase of the LCCE’s architectural design is complete

December 2023

August 2024

Design development drawings

August 2024

July 2025-August 2026

Construction of the new building begins

July 2025-August 2026

October 2026

The LCCE is furnished and open to COPAL and the public for use

October 2026



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Site Map

frequently asked questions

  • Our goal is to build a center that meets the growing needs of Latines in Minnesota, anticipated to be 10% of the population by 2030, providing a place for community members to gather, learn, celebrate, and strengthen their collective power.
  • The new facility will enable year-round gatherings, enhancing COPAL’s ability to extend its programming and increase its impact across the state.
  • COPAL currently operates from four locations: two in Minneapolis, one in Mankato, and one in Rochester. The Latine Community Cultural and Educational (LCCE) center will offer services to Latines statewide, merging the two Minneapolis offices into one larger and more private space to better serve the community.
  • This project also aims to support the long-term sustainability of COPAL’s programs, ensuring ongoing benefits for the community.
  • An important aspect of this project is transferring land ownership back to Minnesota residents from out-of-state investors who have neglected the building, despite numerous complaints from neighbors and city officials.
  • Finally, we are committed to increasing awareness and fostering community investment in the project, establishing it as a key resource for local engagement and cultural development.
  • We need to raise a total of $12 million which covers all aspects, including property acquisition, construction, and associated costs and fees. Below is a detailed breakdown:

    • Property Acquisition & Holding Costs: $1,275,765
    • Design & Engineering: $595,000
    • Project Management: $240,000
    • Construction & Contingency: $8,485,000
    • Fixtures, Furnishings,
    • Equipment: $1,344,235
    • Soft Costs & Fees: $60,000

    Total Funding Uses: $12,000,000

The campaign began in June 2023. COPAL partnered with NALCAB and LSC to purchase the property at 2905 E Lake Street on August 30th, 2023. 

Timeline for the project:

  • Site acquisition: August 2023
  • Schematic design: December 2023
  • Design development drawings: August 2024
  • Fundraising complete (ideal): December 2024
  • Construction documents and bids: February 2024
  • Construction: July 2025-August 2026
  • Furnishings and occupancy: October 2026

Campaign Leads: Moriah O’Malley, Development Director of COPAL and Francisco Segovia, Executive Director of COPAL

Development Consultant: Lisa Kugler of Lisa Kugler Consulting

Architect: Robert Lunning of Lunning and Wende Associates

COPAL Board of Director: Peggy A. Ponce (Chair), Oscar Chacón, Jessica Aliaga-Froelke, Edwin Torres, and Henry Jiménez

  • All donations to the LCCE are tax deductible. 
  • You can make a donation to the project with credit card or Apple Pay here
  • Checks can be made out to COPAL Education Fund with memo LCCE and sent to 3702 E Lake Street, Minneapolis MN 55406. 
  • Donors can contribute through a Donor Advised Fund with the Headwaters Foundation, St. Paul and Minnesota Foundation, or their preferred foundation. 
  • If you wish to donate stock or property, please contact Moriah O’Malley, Development Director of COPAL at

Yes, donations to the LCCE are tax-deductible. The LCCE is a project of COPAL Education Fund, an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization with Employer Identification Number (EIN) 83-1380358. All donors will receive a 2024 Year End Contribution report from COPAL before January 31st, 2025.

Anyone who donates more than $100 cumulatively to the campaign will be recognized on the walls of the LCCE. We will have a wall dedicated to recognizing our wonderful donors and funders. If you wish to remain anonymous, please note this in your donation.

Quarterly newsletters on the status of the project will be sent out in April, July, October, and January to donors. Information about the LCCE progress will be included in COPAL’s monthly newsletters, which you can sign up for here.

If you wish to learn more information about the project or would like to discuss a large gift or planned giving, please reach out to Moriah O’Malley, Development Director of COPAL at

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